Volunteer Program

About the Wayne County Volunteer Program

The philosophy of the Wayne County Volunteer Program is simply to provide service to others, including all of our county residents, without exception. The main concern for the program is caring for people, the community and the common good for all. The Wayne County Volunteer Program has been in place since July, 1989 and the spirit of its volunteerism has been a strong tradition in Wayne County ever since. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners endorses and sponsors this program.

Open to the Public

The Wayne County Volunteer Program welcomes individuals of all ages, as well as businesses, to participate in any way they can help promote new ideas and activities to the community. Volunteering is not only a wonderful way to help others, but gives a personal feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Do you have a few hours to spare?
  • Are you looking for a chance to brighten someone’s day?
  • Volunteers are America’s most valuable assets!

Contact us if you are a business interested in forming an Employee Volunteer Group.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Enhance company image within the community. Participation offers additional networking opportunities. Provide a wider range of volunteer opportunities that could benefit employees interested in volunteering.
  • Help promote community volunteer objectives.
  • Provide all participating businesses with an opportunity to make a difference in the community where they are located.
  • Provide assistance with existing volunteer efforts.

Non-Profit Agency in Need of Volunteers

If you have any questions regarding the volunteer program, are in need of volunteers, or are interested in volunteering, please call 570-253-4262.