Annual Seedling Sale

Seedling Sale Offers Seed Mixes for Pollinators, Wildlife

The Wayne Conservation District accepts orders for its 48th annual Seedling Sale. The sale features seedlings and transplants of a variety of native trees, shrubs and ornamentals, many of which are favored by wildlife.

PollinatorMixThis year the offering includes two seed mixes – one to attract and sustain pollinating insects like honey bees and butterflies and the other to provide food and shelter for wildlife like turkey and deer. The mixes are made up of native seeds and can be purchased by the ounce for small areas and by the pound for larger plots.

Also for large plantings, the Conservation District is offering White Spruce in packages of 10, 50 or 100 four -to eight-inch seedlings. Growing up to 100 feet tall, this tree can tolerate dry, rocky soil as well as wet, swampy areas. It can easily be restrained to manageable height by pruning, and is widely used for Christmas trees and timber. You can also order 12- to 15-inch transplants of Douglas fir and 8- to 10-inch transplants of Norway spruce in packages of three for just $6.WinterberryHolly

Those who want to add native hardwood varieties Native Black Cherry and Black Walnut seedlings in packages of two are available for $4, which both produce wood prized for its use furniture. To spice up the landscape, consider buying packages of Winterberry Holly (five for $6), and Black Chokeberry and Gray Dogwood at two for $4.

The Seedling Sale also offers several varieties of fruit trees, including a package containing two types of blueberry bushes, one with a peach tree and a two-variety pack of apple trees.

As part of the sale, the Wayne Conservation District offers five-foot-tall tree shelters that help protect the young TreeShelterseedlings from deer and rabbit damage, which include an oak stake produced in Pennsylvania as well as three-square-foot mats to protect them from weed competition and moisture loss.

Finally, blue bird nesting boxes, made right here in Wayne County, are available at $12 each.

Orders should be submitted as soon as possible, and must be picked up Friday, April 20, from 3 to 6 pm or Saturday, April 21, from 9 to 11 am.  

For information  call the Wayne Conservation District at 570-253-0963 or download the order form.